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Gaza: „We can do meaningful work“

Am 30.01.2019 von Oana Bara

Portrait of Red Crescent volunteer Salim Aleuma

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Salim Aleuma is a health education volunteer for the Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS) since four years. He is training his community in health related matters and First Aid and assists the most vulnerable in the Gaza Strip. 

Challenges for the people

„Growing up in Gaza, it is very hard sometimes to see your family and friends struggling with the difficult situation. We barely have electricity or clean water. Many can’t find work. On top of it all, access to basic health services is very limited and the consequences are desperate. I studied biomedical engineering but couldn’t find work within my field, so I am contributing to the family by selling cakes and chocolate at the market. I like my job but I would love to be able to pursue a career in my field.

A group of Red Crescent volunteers in Palestina
In action for humanity: Salim Aleuma and other PRCS-volunteers

Thats why I became a volunteer for PRCS four years ago. We can do meaningful work and at the same time contribute within our own communities and neighbourhoods. It is my job to train and assist people in all health related matters and First Aid. Thereby we can make sure that the communities can first help each other in an emergency situation. We strengthen their ability to cope with the current circumstances. It is very motivating to see that our help has such a strong impact. I learn so much during my work and can assist the most vulnerable within my direct surrounding.“

The GRC promotes the work of volunteers like Salim

The German red Cross, supported by CANON and the British Red Cross, is realising a project that aims at expanding the PRCS network of volunteers qualified in promoting preventive health care and in training First Aid in their respective communities. In addition, it aims at increasing the access of targeted communities to basic health care services. In the event of an emergency. With the support of PRCS, this will ensure that affected families and volunteers are able to react quickly and effectively to protect, immediately care for and if needed access treatment even for the most vulnerable members of their community.

» Find out more about the GRC-work in Gaza.

Photos: PRCS

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Foto: Portrait einer DRK-Delegierten Oana Bara
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