Der alte Mann, Ahmed und SARC-Mitarbeiter
Am 11.07.2016 von GRC-Team

The old man and the goats – A Syrian story about respect and care

Click here for the German version One day few months back, Ahmad Al-Najem, Field Operations Coordinator of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) was called to support an evacuation of a small town in a hard to reach area in Syria. When he arrived together with his colleagues at the last checkpoint in front of […]

Als Bargeldempfängerin in Irbid ist Hasna auf die Unterstützung der Mitarbeiter des Jordanischen Roten Halbmonds angewiesen. Hier ist sie mit einer Mitarbeiterin zu sehen.
Am 14.12.2015 von DRK-Team

Home visit of a regular cash beneficiary in Irbid (Jordan)

Click here for the German version Since January 2016, Hasna is one of the 700 regular cash beneficiaries of GRC and JRCS in Irbid. Every month, she receives 80 JD to cover her basic needs. As she is old and cannot use the new technology iris scan, she has been provided with an ATM card […]